The Toole County Sheriff’s Office is a combined city/county law enforcement agency. It provides service to Toole County as well as the incorporated cities of Shelby, Kevin and Sunburst. It is administered by the elected County Sheriff (Tyler Padilla), and is overseen by the Toole County Public Safety Commission. The Commission has five members with two being appointed by the Toole County Commissioners and two being appointed by the Shelby City Council. The fifth Commissioner is agreed upon by both parties.

Toole County Sheriff, Tyler Padilla, began his career with Toole County in February of 2018. Prior to moving to Shelby and starting as a Toole County Deputy, Sheriff Padilla attended the University of Montana and graduated in 2017 with Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology as well as a minor in Forensic Science.

Toole County Sheriff Donna Whitt

Sheriff Tyler Padilla

Sheriff Padilla was born in Phoenix, Arizona. His family moved to Conrad, Montana in 2007 where he attended middle school and high school. During his time at the University of Montana, he was employed in many different capacities and also volunteered his time with the Missoula Police Department. Tyler worked for the University, the University of Montana Police Department, the Missoula Correctional Services, Missoula Police Department and the C’mon Inn hotel. After graduating from the university, he took advantage of the Montana Testing Consortium and applied to a few agencies around the state. After interviewing with Toole County Sheriff’s Office, it was decided it was time to move back to a small town, closer to home, and begin his career.

After starting with Toole County in 2018, Tyler attended the Montana Law Enforcement Academy in April of 2019 and graduated 3 months later in June. After graduating the academy, he returned to Shelby to continue the work he had started in his first year. In June of 2020, Tyler applied for a promotion position and was shortly after appointed by Sheriff Whitt as the Chief Deputy. During his time working as the Chief Deputy, Tyler was a frontline supervisor, oversaw the deputy schedule, managed the vehicle fleet, and handled the issuance of gear to staff members. Tyler was also approved to begin working with the FBI as a Task Force Officer in the Big Sky Safe Trails Taskforce, focusing on violent crime and illegal drug activity in the Toole County community as well as surrounding counties.

In July of 2021, Tyler and his fiancé had a little girl, Kesslee. Shortly after, he decided to run for the Office of Sheriff. On July 23rd 2022, Tyler married his wife, Amanda. Even with the busy year of campaigning and life events going on, Tyler continued to work as the Chief Deputy and was awarded a letter of commendation by the United States Border Patrol for the assistance in detaining persons illegally crossing into the United States. In November of 2022, Tyler Padilla was officially elected as the Toole County Sheriff at the age of 26.

Tyler currently sits as a board member for the Shelby-Toole County Public Safety Committee/DUI Task Force, is a team member for the Toole County 9th District Drug Court Program, and is on the Toole Public Safety Committee and Compensation Board.

During his free time, Tyler enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, coaching Shelby Middle School Football, working on his parents growing ranch and helping community members with their ranching tasks.

Tyler Padilla,
Sheriff 21-1 
Toole County Shelby, Montana 59474 
Office: 406-434-5585