Shelby, Montana, the county seat of Toole County, is located in north central Montana, approximately 30 miles south of the Canadian border and about 80 miles east of Glacier National Park. The Burlington Northern/Santa Fe east-west main line tracks pass through Shelby linking Chicago to Seattle, and Interstate I-15 gives quick access to north and south destinations.

Shelby’s geographical location makes it a natural site for a transportation center, north into Canada, west to the Pacific Coast, east to the Minneapolis-Chicago area, or south on I-15 to Los Angeles. Following are some statistics on the Shelby area.

Land Area

City, 778.5 acres (295 acres undeveloped)
Parks, 11.5 acres (developed area)
Residential, 191.2 acres
Industrial, 13.1 acres
Commercial, 173 acres
Public, 60.4 acres
Streets and Alleys, 173 acres


Northern Express Transportation Authority
(406) 434-5203
Fax: (406) 434-2761

Burlington Northern/ Santa Fe Rail Line Intermodal Site
(406) 434-5573

Daily train service both eastbound and westbound
(406) 434-5031

Truck, Freight

Dick Irvin Inc. – Interstate trucking
Call (406) 434-5583

Watkins/Shepard – Interstate trucking
Call (406) 434-2682

I&T Transfer – Freight
Call (406) 434-5306


Toole County Airport
Charter service, 5000 feet paved, lighted runway, hangars, fuel and courtesy car
(406) 434-2462
Airport Director: 450-2463

Great Falls International Airport
One hour, fifteen minutes south of Shelby



Marias River Electric Cooperative
910 W. Roosevelt Hwy
P.O. Box 729
Shelby, Montana

Residential, commercial, industrial service

(406) 434-5575

Natural Gas

Shelby Gas Association
910 W. Roosevelt Hwy
P.O. Box 729, Shelby, Montana

Residential, Commercial, Industrial

(406) 434-5575


City of Shelby
112 1st St. So.
Shelby, Montana

Municipal system, storage capacity of
2,600,000 gallons

(406) 434-5222

Sewer Disposal

City of Shelby-Municipal system
Land fill. Call Public Works for rates at (406) 434-5564.

Municipal Structure

Mayor-council government
Model Cities Program
Volunteer fire department
City-county combined law enforcement
City-county zoning
Other services, please call City Hall at (406) 434-5222

County Government

Toole County Commissioners
Commission form of government
(406) 424-8310

Tax Structures

The City of Shelby and Toole County may offer special tax incentives for qualifying new businesses.
County: (406) 424-8310


Shelby, Montana – 3304
Toole County – 5267

Labor Force

Area Labor Force – 2,889
Employment Rate – 97.8%( as stated by SWC info)
Education Facilities

Shelby Junior/Senior High School
(406) 424-8910

Shelby Elementary School – K-6
(406) 424-8910

Superintendent of Schools
(406) 434-2622

Health Facilities

Logan Health – Shelby

Logan Health Clinic – Shelby

Logan Health Assisted Living – Shelby

Logan Health Care Center – Shelby

Marias Healthcare
Phone (406) 434-3100

Marias Heritage Assisted Living Center
Phone (406) 434-9140

Emergency Medical Personnel & Ambulance Service
Phone (406) 434-3200

Five Physicians, two dentists, two optometrists, one chiropractor,
two veterinarian

Helicopter Emergency Service

Recreational Facilities

Marias Valley Golf & Country Club
A beautiful 18-hole course located on the Marias River seven miles south of Shelby
(406) 434-5940

Tennis Courts
Aronow Park, Shelby

Horseshoe Pits
Aronow Park, Shelby

Lake Sheloole Sports Complex and Recreation Area
One-half mile north of Shelby
Five baseball fields, camping sites

Shelby Swimming Pool
121 12th Ave. No., Shelby
Indoor pool open May through October
(406) 434-5311

Shelby Civic Center
669 Park Avenue, Shelby
Racquetball courts, basketball court, weight room, cardio room, archery range, toddler room, teen center
(406) 434-5114

Lake Shel-oole, Marias River, Lake Elwell, Lake Frances.

Commercial Services

Diesel, machine repair, welders, plumbers, electricians, weekly newspaper, radio station, cable TV, realtors, job service, 8 motels, two banks (FDIC insured), savings & loan, credit union, contractors – building – concrete


Shelby’s available housing varies from time to time as in any location. However, there are numerous rentals, trailer spaces & apartments available.

Industrial Buildings & Sites

City of Shelby has developed an industrial park with all services & rail siding. NETA facilities include 12,000 sq. ft. rail side warehouse with cross dock, tax structure operations, bulk transload capabilities, three foreign trade zone sites, and expansion capabilities. Call NETA at 406-434-5203 or fax at 406-434-2761