Animal Control

The City of Shelby sincerely appreciates those pet owners who control and take good care of their pets. The dog license period for the City of Shelby runs on the calendar year (January to December). An annual vaccination clinic is held at the Civic ...more

Chief Finance Officer

Jade Goroski 434-5222 ...more

City Attorney

Bill Hunt Office located: 201 Main Street Bill Hunt has been a resident of Shelby and the City Attorney since 2000.  As City Attorney, Bill duties include advising other city officials, drafting and enforcing ordinances, personn ...more

City Building Inspector

Rob Tasker: 434-5564 ...more

City Judge

City Judge Joe Rapkoch ...more

Community Development

The Office of Community Development 406-434-5222 The Office of Community Development serves to administer and oversee numerous projects for the benefit of the community. Safe Routes to School: The community of Shelby has an active ...more

Council Members

Ward 1 Sanna Clark Aaron Heaton Ward 2 ​ Pat Frydenlund 450-2908 Lyle Kimmet Ward 3 Bill Moritz 424-2183   Joe Flesch (406) 239-2660 ...more

Economic Development

NETA Port of Northern Montana Office phone 406-434-5203 NETA Director: Larry Bonderud; ...more

Fire Protection

Shelby Volunteer Fire Department (non-emergency) at (406)434-2303 ...more


Welcome to the City of Shelby website.  Our goal is to make the site easily accessible; complete in information; and give you a picture of all Shelby has to offer. Shelby is a welcoming community with a very colorful past and even brighter future. ...more

Meeting Schedule

September 20, 2021 6:30 p.m. Regular City Council Meeting 09 20 21 September 27, 2021 6:30 p.m. Park & Recreation Meeting (Mayor, Superintendent, Frydenlund, Kimmet) October 4, 2021 6:00 p.m. Audit Committee (Mayor, Finance Officer, Clark, Fryden ...more

Public Works City Shop is located at 66 City Shop Road 434-5564 Shelby Landfill:  66 City Shop Road ~ 434-5564 ...more

Recreation Department

Jessi La Tray – & 434-5114 No matter how prepared we are for it, winter always seems to hit us hard! But this year, let’s hit it back with these new and amazing classes we have at the Civic Center! The of ...more