Municipal primary elections, if necessary, take place every odd-numbered year on the first Tuesday after the second Monday in September. Municipal general elections are held every odd-numbered year on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
The Shelby City Council is composed of six council members with two elected from each of the three city wards identified. Council members are responsible for and responsive to the citizens who elected them. The council performs the following functions:
• Review and approve the annual budget;
• Establish long- and short-term objectives and priorities;
• Oversee effectiveness of city programs;
• Pass ordinances and resolutions;
• Regulate land use through zoning laws;
• Regulate business activity through licensing;
• Regulate public health and safety;
• Communicate policies and programs to residents;
• Respond to constituent needs and complaints; and
• Represent the community to other levels of government.
The Shelby City Council meets the first and third Monday of each month to conduct business on behalf of the citizens of Shelby. Council members also serve on sub-committees which include Audit Committee; Board of Adjustment/Zoning; Community Development/Housing Task Force Advisory; Fire Committee; Parks & Recreation; Planning Board; Public Safety Committee; and Tri-City Interlocal. The committees meet at various times within each month or as needed.
2021 Information
Positions open are for Mayor and one council member from Ward 1, 2 and 3. Candidate filing opens April 22nd and closes June 21st. Candidates need to complete a Declaration of Nomination (available at the Toole County Clerk & Recorders Office or online at and file it at the Clerk & Recorders office at the Toole County Courthouse by 5 pm on June 21, 2021. After filing the Declaration of Nomination, the candidate must file paperwork with the Commissioner of Political Practices within 5 days. The filing fee for the Mayor’s position is $150.61 and $65.09 for the council member positions.
The Municipal Primary Election will be held on September 14, 2021 and the Municipal General Election will be held on November 2, 2021.