Jessi La Tray

The Civic Center is the community’s recreation center. The facility has a basketball court; 2 racquetball courts; weight room; elliptical room; treadmill and stair-stepper room; spinning room and The Fun Zone that is welcoming to all ages. Group exercise activities are offered throughout the week. On weekends we offer birthday parties or social event rental with roller skating included if you choose too. Monthly passes, 24/7 access fobs and class passes can be purchased during office hours which are Monday – Thursday 10am-6pm and Fridays from 10am-5pm. Stop by, call or email for any questions, scheduling or class information.  We are always happy to give tours of the facility to anyone and welcome all newcomers to our community!

*Day Passes $4 per person
*Month Pass For Individual $40.00
*Month Pass For Family $45.00
*Month Pass For Students (AGES 9-17) $35.00
*Month Pass For Children (Ages 5-8) $30.00
*Yearly Walking Pass $30.00
*Class Pass 10 Punch $40.00
*Key Fob (24HR Access) $20.00

Phone Number & Email address: