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Montana State Senators and Representative Senator John Tester Senator Steve Daines Congressman Greg Gianforte Local Area Chamber of Commerce Community Calendar Champions Park Correction Corporation of America Marias Medical Marias Museum Marias Val ...more


City of Shelby 2022 Audit ...more

Brownfield Grant

Shelby Refinery VCP Plan ...more

CCC Analysis

CORRECTIONS AT THE CROSSROADS CoreCivic Crossroads Correctional Center 20 Year Analysis ...more

City Elections

Municipal primary elections, if necessary, take place every odd-numbered year on the first Tuesday after the second Monday in September. Municipal general elections are held every odd-numbered year on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in Novem ...more

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Community Health Improvement Plan

Please Click the link below Toole-County-CHIP ...more

Growth Policy

Growth Policy 2019 ...more

Housing Impact Study

Phase 1 Study of Shelby’s Housing Toole County Housing Impact Study ...more

Lake Sheloole Dam Inspection

Lake Sheloole Final Inspection – reduced – Part 1 Lake Sheloole Final Inspection – reduced – Part 2 Lake Sheloole Final Inspection – reduced – Part 3 ...more

Main Street Development

SHELBY 360 DOWNTOWN ASSESSMENT REPORT Shelby Next Steps Plan FINALII 8.26.08 ...more

Montana Disaster & Emergency Survival Guide

Montana Disaster & Emergency Survival Guide ...more

Real Estate for Sale

City of Shelby Real Estate Bitterroot School ~ located at 622 Granite Avenue Tax ID 636211 Shelby 1st Addition, Block 4, Lots 7-9; 13-18 Lots 7-9: 150 ft. x 120 ft.  = 18,000 sq. ft. Lots 10-12: City retains for park Lots 13 -18: 300 ft. x 120 f ...more

Shelby Area Transportation Study Existing Conditions Report

Existing Conditions Report – Draft ...more

Shelby Data Center Feasibility Study

Shelby Data Center Final Report April 2017 ...more

Shelby Municipal Codes

Please Click on Link Below Shelby Municipal Codes ...more

Shelby-Toole County Safety Plan

Shelby Toole County Community Transportation Safety Plan ...more

Snow Plowing Priority

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Toole County Annual Safety Plan FY2023

2022 Annual Report DUI Plan SFY 2022 Commissioner Sign off ...more

Toole County Sheriff’s Office 

The Toole County Sheriff’s Office is a combined city/county law enforcement agency. It provides service to Toole County as well as the incorporated cities of Shelby, Kevin and Sunburst. It is administered by the elected County Sheriff (Ty ...more