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City of Shelby nears completion of Historic Preservation Plan
Community members invited to comment on draft plan until January 4, 2021
December 17, 2020

Shelby, MT – Community members are invited to participate in the effort to create a historic preservation plan for the City of Shelby. As the City continues to focus on growing the local business community, the historic preservation plan will offer policy changes that will ensure that the integrity of the historic business district is not lost.

Through funding obtained via the Montana Main Street Program, and a Community Development Block Grant, the City has taken an important step to create a local historic preservation program. Building on previous planning efforts, the historic preservation plan will identify local cultural and historic resources within a specific area and offer strategies to protect and enhance those assets for the future.

A historic preservation plan aims to help the City integrate historic preservation into broader public policy and land-use planning decisions in an effort to capitalize on Shelby’s rich history. The plan includes an assessment of existing historic structures on Main Street and outlines a number of goals, objectives and incentive strategies created specifically for Shelby as it creates a citywide historic preservation program.

The draft plan will be presented to the Shelby City Council during their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, December 21, 2020. The draft plan will also be available for public review beginning Monday, December 21, 2020.  Public comment will be collected until January 4, 2021.  Those wishing to comment can send their comments to Lorette Carter at Shelby City Hall, 112 1st St. So. Shelby, MT  59474 or email   Community members interested in viewing the draft plan electronically can find a link to download the draft plan on the City website, or via the City Facebook page  Hard copies of the draft plan are also available for review at the Shelby Library or at City Hall.