Shelby, Montana 59474

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March 19, 2020

Re: COVID -19 Preparedness

We are doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of the public and our employees. A decision has been made to limit, or in some cases suspend, access to non-essential services provided to the public by our office. The following will list the services that apply.

Suspended Services:

  • New Concealed Weapon Permits
  • Fingerprinting for employment or any public purpose
  • Inmate visitation

Limited Services:

  • Attorney/Client Visitation- Appointments may be scheduled for attorney/client visitation by phone. Visitation will only occur in the public visitation room. No face to face contact will be allowed.
  • Federal/State local background checks- Arrangements can be scheduled by phone, Monday — Friday/ 09:00 AM- 4:00 PM, with the Administrative Assistant.
  • The main lobby area is open to the public. All doors off the main lobby area (except restroom) will be kept locked at all times.
  • Renewed Concealed Weapon Permits- Must call for renewal instructions.

We will reevaluate the Suspended and Limited Services protocol based on any recommendations we receive from the Toole County Health Department and/or the CDC.

Donna Whitt, Sheriff